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S3 Graphics annuncia che da oggi è possibile acquistare sul sito nordamericano di e-commerce le schede grafiche PCI Express Chrome S27, che offrono una frequenza di core di 700MHz e sono in grado di supportare memorie DDR3
Schede grafiche PCI Express Chrome S27

Building increased momentum in the North American market, S3 Graphics today announced its PCI Express Chrome S27 graphics cards are now available for immediate purchase through, the premier etailer of graphic cards in North America.

Featured on will be two models of Chrome S27 graphics cards; the first featuring 128MB DDR3 memory for US$98, and a second with 256MB DDR3 memory for US$128. With the highest core clock on the market at 702Mhz, a robust DirectX 9.0 implementation featuring 4 vertex and 8 pixel processors, its signature Hi-Def™ visual experience, and the best performance-per-watt operation in the industry, the S3 Graphics Chrome S27 line of graphics cards are ideal for users looking to enhance their 3D gaming experience.

“The addition of as a major channel partner is a significant step forward in the expansion of S3 Graphics product availability in the US market,” said Dr. Ken Weng, General Manager of S3 Graphics. “At such aggressive price points, the 128MB and 256MB DDR3 Chrome S27 cards offer an astounding deal for consumers looking to upgrade their PC for popular games such as Quake™ 4 or build the perfect home theatre PC.”

“The mainstream graphics add-in board (AIB) market represents one of the largest segments of graphics AIB sales, with a CAGR greater than the total market due to users looking for an easy upgrade to meet gaming and multimedia requirements,” commented Dr. Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research, the market research firm in Tiburon, CA, that tracks the graphics industry. “The availability of Chrome S27 graphic boards in the US market enables S3 Graphics to address the requirements of a major group of user needs with a strong mixture of features at an attractive mid-stream price point.”

On top of being ideal for 3D game play, the S3 Graphics Chrome S27 cards feature a wide range of connectivity options including support for DVI and VGA display interfaces along with Macrovision-certified TV-out. This connectivity is further enhanced through native 1080p HDTV support and widescreen display capability with Chromotion™ 3.0, the next generation programmable video engine boasting hardware accelerated motion compensation and WMV-HD support. To further enhance operation for home theatre applications that demand cool & quiet operation, the S3 Graphics Chrome S27 features an efficient and power smart design, coupled with Fujitsu’s advanced 90nm process technology that sets a new standard for desktop power/performance without compromising on features.

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